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Part1 of 20 Tutorials to following using Visual Basic 2008 express Edition learn to program etc . . .


I have 17 years of Basic experience - started with QBasic and now I use Visual Basic .NET. This job is easy for me!


Visual Basic .NET is an Object-Oriented programming language designed by Microsoft.


Visual Basic for Applications: Basics in Excel Several books and websites exist that show the basics of VBA in Excel.iii Here we present an overview of how to get started.


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Start a new project. Add a textbox, a Label and a button to your new Form.


Example 20.4 20.8 Drawing a Rectangle 20.6 Customizing Line Style of the Pen Object.


• Six windows appear when you start Visual Basic.


Visual Basic Start Page. To exit Visual Studio, simply select Exit from the File menu. If you have an unsaved project, you’ll be asked if you want to save it before you quit.


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