22 ноя 2011 ... Самые популярные провайдеры в Филиппинах это Smart Communications, Globe Telecom, и Sun Cellular. ... Unli Surf Daily, 50 песо за сутки, Текст "UNLI 50" на номер 211 ..... Владислав 20.02.2013 в 11:31 говорит: .... Илоило (2), Куйо (9), Малатапай (1), Манила (4), Ослоб (2), Остров Brother (3) ...


According to their Facebook page, their unlisurf promos ended on Dec. 31, 2014, and they no longer offer any unlimited internet package.


I've been using this promo for a long time now and now it's nearing the end of its run, I'm hoping this will become a regular feature (if connection is still the same). It started out around post Christmas holiday season, when I chanced upon an ad in the newspaper while waiting inside a bank.


Smart Unlisurf Promos. How to Register Smart Unli Surf (Unlimited Surfing) Promo


Home; internet or unlimited surfing for their mobile phone or SMART BRO prepaid smart unli surf 2017; 2013 Apr 25, 2014 · Here is the list of SMART Bro Unlimited internet, the UnliSURF promo.


Discussion started by qwertymichael, Help Smart bro at60 ??? rhey0935, Dec 5, 2017 at 5:16 PM.


From Smart's website. Basically, Smart Bro is offering its prepaid internet subscribers 15 peso savings for two day unlimited internet via their smartphones or cellphones. Also, UNLISURF 85 saves you time in enrolling for another day.


March 4, 2014 Mobile, Promos, Smart 10 Comments. Smart Bro, the fast, reliable & affordable internet now offers Smart Bro UnliSURF 995, where you have more unlimited online fun for less! Enjoy browsing and socializing on your favorite social network sites...


SMART outs Opera UnliSurf15 and UnliSurf60: Unlimited Surfing Promo starts ...


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