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- Black Panther doesn't care. Share this image. 0.


may they fall defeat, I rejoice King of the skyscrapers, dodgin' haters, broke religion Nine faces, go against 'em, I erased 'em with precision I embrace them with collision, kings did it King's vision, Black Panther, King Kendrick, all hail the king!


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- Hey man, I'm Deadpool - I don't care (metallic scratching) (static crackling loudly) (horn blowing) - Hello there As you know, the Black Panther movie is out and it's pretty badass You're probably thinking, how can I be a beast like the King of Wakanda?


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Meanwhile, “Black Panther” has proven itself a massive box office force, but seems to be finally slowing down going into in its sixth weekend. If it continues on a similar trajectory, the superhero tentpole should score around $15 million to $18 million.


"Black Panther" has become the first movie of the decade to top the box office for five weekends in a row.


Funny. It Wil Be Fun, They Said. LUCKY GIF!


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