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Notes. Within a with clause, Delphi tries to resolve these 'incomplete' references by looking at the immediate with target, and then any nested withs above.


Page 20 of 136. The Delphi Open Tools API.


if (Started = True) and (X > 20) then Z := X and Y; In this example, the and keyword is being used in two completely different contexts.


Turbo Start. Delphi combines the user-friendlyness of Visual Basic with the precise control and speed of C++.


В Delphi XE7 была включена библиотека для параллельного программирования.


Starting with "Hello, World!", then covering your first 20 components, to creating your first installable application.


My name is Paweł Głowacki and I have been using and teaching Delphi for the last 20 years. I love Delphi programming and I do it also in my spare time. I think you can call me a "Delphi Maniac". Simultaneously with me David Millington, C++Builder Product Manager, is starting a similar series...


if CompilerVersion = 20 then sCompilerName := 'Delphi 2009'; or in conditional compiler expressions


Use following simple steps to start your first chart using Delphi TChart component


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