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If you only start to benchpress, you cannot lift your own wight unless you are really light. Pressing 140 lbs might not be much but you have to train a little beforehand. I weigh 170 and it took me 6 months to get to pressing that.


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Could I not be losing fat at all? Although this theory doesn't seem completely logical becuse I didn't start out with much muscle, and I believe I have put on muscle from working out almost daily, as well as my workouts getting more intense and easier...


Job portability on I-140


‎07-07-2017 01:57 PM. Tried this solution after the third time I tried to install the update today, it did NOT work. I still get the same error.



Thats why im still only 6 ft. at 140 lbs. *Very skinny* grrrr. anyways, i started eating right (2000+ good calories per day, and 140-180 grams of protein per day) and couple days ago, and started working out hard!


I-140 Tracker


I always start 140, mainly because FL's sequencer works in 16ths by default, and having those quick drum elements can be very useful. Plus, everything just moves faster visually, which puts me in the right mindset for dubstep production.


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