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Дота с ботами 6.78 AI - dota 6.78 ai скачать бесплатно. Скачать последнюю версию карты дота с ботами версии 6.78. В ней боты играют отчаянно, И их  ...


На этой странице можно скачать доту бесплатно без регистрации. ... Альтернативное название: русская Дота 6.78c или Dota 6.78c rus ..... Их по- прежнему можно скачать бесплатно на высокой скорости и без регистрации.


Dota 6.78 AI Download Download Dota 6.78.w3x AI Map this article Dota 6.78 AI Download with URL ... Dota 6.80 W3x Скачать Бесплатно - myrealworld.


Фоновое изображение Доты 6.78| Загрузочная картинка DotA v6.78. Как нам и обещал сам .... DotA v6.77 AI 1.1.7 Fun 2.7b. Автор: Cheats-Hack.at.ua


DotA AI Team has continued the map development and recently released DotA 6.78c AI v1.4e codenamed 'Farewell'. This version comes with basic AI for Oracle and Earth Spirit including improved item builds and code optimizations. Also, the major bug that caused AI's to gather (stuck) at one point...


As we have posted earlier, the official DotA 6.78c was released. Because of that, we expect DotA 6.78c AI to be coming soon. There are two new heroes in 6.78 and we hope PBMN will include them on the upcoming DotA 6.78 AI or DotA 6.78b AI or DotA 6.78c AI.


You can download DotA 6.78c AI v1.4e from here, fast mirror. The map has almost 7 megabytes. This version was developed by Green_Sliche. The problem with the AI map is that most of the lately versions have been coded by different developers and is pretty hard to code a new map by using the code of...


Dota 6.78c AI Plus - Dota-Allstars 6.78c AI Plus Map Download. The PlayDota AI team has just released the long awaited DotA 6.78 AI.


The DotA AI map consists of computer controlled players called Bots. With the help of this map, you can play DotA offline without any need of working


Warcraft 3 DotA AI Map Download Free | DotA2 & DotA 6.75 AI 6.74c AI 6.73c AI New Release!


File: DotA 6.78c Author: Icefrog Date: June 30th, 2013 Size: 7.88 MB. Filename: DotA v6.78c.w3x Category: Hero Defense Hello, DotA 6.78c has just released with some minor balance changes.


Welcome to the Dota 6.78b Download Page: In Dota 6.78b many bugs and problems with some spells have been fixed from the previous version Dota 6.78. Dota Allstars version 6.78b also clears all game crashing issues that happened to some players. Inside the game the others thought...


Download DotA v6.78c AI 1.4e.w3x. Report This Map. Category: Tower Defense (Cooperative) Tileset: Felwood Dimensions: 128x128 Playable Area: 118x120 Recommended Players: 10.


Hello to all DoTA Fun fans, I have had several time problems and have been very busy last month, i have also seen that 6.78 map has been released, I’m trying to finish the map this month, maybe with less features than planned, but updated to latest AI map (even if 6.78 AI is released in this month)...


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