Put a character a color palette in my ask box and i'll draw it now that i've finished off the old challenge it's time for palette challenge 2 electric boogaloo now with ...


Maria K · Tokyo Ghoul · TOKYO GHOUL - Kaneki and Ayato - how do they get along I wonder. .... #Ayato #Kirishima #tokyo Манга Мальчик, Аниме Арт.


(Top to bottom) Suzuya Juuzou, Haise Sasaki, Kaneki Ken, Ayato Kirishima, Shironeki ... Tokyo ghoul, ayato, ayato kirishima and anime ...... Tough love - ( Tokyo Ghoul) Tsukiyama Shuu x Reader .... So, you won't be left out and be jealous.


Me Perteneces (ayato Kirishima X reader) ..... Read Possesive and Jealous Pt. 1 (Kirishima Ayato) [Lemon] from the story Anime One Shots by otome_otaku101 ...


Просмотрите доску «Hinami and Ayato» пользователя karbyshevamari в Pinterest. ... Hinami Fueguchi and Ayato Kirishima - Tokyo Ghoul:re ..... So, you won't be left out and be jealous. .... Ayahina Week - march 26th: coffee / reading.


Ayato Kirishima, Hinami Fugechi and Hideyoshi ”Hide” Nagachika ... Еще. Kaneki X Reader(Lemon) - Chapter 6: Jealousy - Wattpad Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay  ...


Tokyo Ghoul Uta and Ayato are baes Otaku, Tokyo Ghoul Uta, Манга Аниме, .... Ken Kaneki, Ayato Kirishima, Juuzou Suzuya, Touka Kirishima, and Yukinori ...


Ayato San Парни Из Аниме, Code Geass, Разное, Милые Мальчики. Подробнее.. ... Me Perteneces (ayato Kirishima X reader) - aviso+Capitulo 28.


Еще. Аято и Тока Киришима / Ayato and Toyka Kirishima Парни Из Аниме, Fairy Tail, .... Read ~bangs~ from the story ayato kirishima x reader(drabbles~) by  ...


In spite of everything, she decides to go live with Kirishima in Tokyo and begins ... BUUUT after reading the pixiv extras and seeing what Kirishima REALLY does ... fetish, he realizes that he's actually super jealous of yoshino and shouma lolll.


A text story I made cause I was bored ^_^ Hope you guys enjoy! Please like and comment, it's ok if you don't wanna subscribe😊.


Welp as the title says, basically a collection of Ayato x Reader One shots. He's instantly become my favorite character in Tokyo Ghoul so yeap, decided to make one for him~!


Ayato Kirishima. He knows how to get under your skin. A sigh left your lips as you continued to walk to your apartment.


Ayato growled lowly, as he watched Nico converse with you. Nico's normal feminine attitude was always at play, and he could've sworn that you blushed at whatever Nico had just said! Ayato could barely continue to stand watching his girl friend practically cheat with him.


Read aviso+Capitulo 28 from the story Me Perteneces (ayato Kirishima X reader) by LauraAmaya063 (Laura Amaya) with 615 reads. kaneki, tokyoghoul


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Major Character Death. Kirishima Ayato/Reader.


curfew | ayato kirishima x reader. Add to Favourites.


Ayato growled lowly, as he watched Nico converse with you. Nico's normal feminine attitude was always at play, and he could've s... jealousy. | ayato kirishima x


Имя: Аято Киришима Кандзи: 霧嶋 絢都 (きりしま あやと) Ромадзи: Kirishima Ayato Прозвище: Черный Кролик Вид: Гуль Статус: Жив Пол: Мужской День рождения: 4 июля Рост: 159 см Вес: 49 кг Группа крови: O Принадлежность: Древо Аогири Родственники: Тоука Киришима...


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