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Simplest PHP example for retrieving user_timeline with Twitter API...


@kaffolder The link on that page:profilepicture.co.uk/caching-api-responses-php suggests a simple way of doing it. You write your twitter data to a file, or database (MySQL or MongoDB) on first request, then

REST APIs — Twitter Developers | Twitter Developer Documentation


The REST API identifies Twitter applications and users using OAuth; responses are in JSON format.

Twitter Developer Documentation


Twitter API: Engagement Programming by @140dev — PHP Code examples from Adam Green’s book Twitter API: Engagement Programming. codebird-php by @jublonet — a Twitter library in PHP. (documentation).

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Build Your First Twitter App Using PHP in 8 Easy Steps


Now that you have the PHP Twitter Wrapper script in the same directory as your littleApp.php file, we can use it to help us access the Twitter API.

Login to your existing RightSignature account.


Login to your existing RightSignature account.

View API Documentation.

HybridAuth API Documentation | Hybrid_Auth Hybrid/Auth.php


Note: This documentation only describe classes, functions and attributes you will use throughout your application.

Building With the Twitter API: Getting Started


Twitter’s API documentation has also improved greatly over time.

API Client Library for PHP (Beta) | Google Developers


Easily access Google APIs from PHP. The Google API Client Library for PHP is designed for PHP client-application developers.


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