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Political System of Kazakhstan.


Having gained the political independence Kazakhstan became a democratic republic with presidential form of government.

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Kazakhstan has a hybrid system of government that combines aspects of both parliamentary and presidential systems. The principle of independence and the political system were formulated in the first Constitution of Kazakhstan of January 1993...

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“ The Political System of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the USA”. We have already spoken. about the Political System of the UK, so I hope you remember all the words which are connected with this theme.

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The Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan provides for a democratic, secular and presidential system of rule.

Government and political system in Kazakhstan


Government and Political System of Kazakhstan. The President of Kazakhstan is Nursultan Nazarbayev, who before being elected as the President in 1991 was appointed as First Secretary of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan in 1989.

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Ashinova Zhanar Erbolatovna, PhD Associate Professor Department of Korean and Japanese studies, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.

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Political system of Kazakhstan Republic President is a head of state.

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The political system of Kazakhstan can be characterised as a presidential system with a strong position of the president. The President is the head of state, appoints prime minister and cabinet and defines the major guidelines in domestic and foreign policy.

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Political system of KazakhstanAccording to the Constitution, adopted at the national referendum on August 30, 1995, the Republic of Kazakhstan is a unitary. - презентация.

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Political system. The head of the state is the President.

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