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StarDrive is a 4X real-time strategy video game by Zero Sum Games, it was released for Microsoft Windows in April 2013. The game was funded through Kickstarter, raising $17,676 in its December 2011 crowdfunding campaign.

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Tell Iceberg Interactive why you love StarDrive 2 so much. Vote for us in the post's comment section (not here), and get a chance to win the Iceberg Space Package!

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Find and hire the many heroes in the game, and use them to explore the many stories and intrigues hidden throughout the galaxy. Copyright 2015 (c) StarDrive II | All Rights Reserved | Website By...

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The stardrive is a feature on city-ships that allows them to travel through space at FTL speeds, and consists of both a sublight engine and hyperdrive. The stardrive allows a city-ship travel to distant galaxies in only a matter of hours when at full power, and the sublight function of a stardrive is so fast...

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About This Game. StarDrive sets a new benchmark for the ‘4X Space Strategy’ genre.

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star +‎ drive From the ability of the drive to propel the vehicle to the stars. star drive. star-drive. stardrive ‎(plural stardrives). (science fiction) a device used to propel a spacecraft through interstellar distances. Stardrive section of a Galaxy-class starship. Memory Alpha, Secondary hull, 2005.

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In StarDrive, you will design your own race to lead into the stars. You will find new worlds to colonize and conquer, meet strange aliens to trade with or war upon...

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This subreddit is for StarDrive. 4x space strategy games by Zer0sum Games.

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StarDrive - StarDrive sets a new benchmark for the ‘4X Space Strategy’ genre.

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StarDrive is a 4X Action-Strategy game where the goal is to build a space empire. Starting with a single planet and a small number of space-worthy vessels, you forge out into the galaxy...


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