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Steam Machines


The Alienware Steam Machine combines the awesome experience of console gaming with a massive library of over 1000 games, all in full 1080p HD on your TV.

Steam Machines — Википедия


Steam Machines — серия игровых компьютеров, производство и распространение которых началось в 2014 году различными поставщиками, использующими ряд различных спецификаций дизайна, созданных корпорацией Valve.

Steam Machine (hardware platform) - Wikipedia


The Steam Machine, also known as the Steam Box during development, is a pre-built gaming computer designed to operate Valve Corporation's SteamOS through the Steam client. Several computer vendors have engaged with Valve to develop their own versions of Steam Machines...

Steam Machines are here: Full details and pictures for every model


Only the first three Steam Machines we'll talk about are available on November 10, with the rest launching later in the year—most on November 28.

Steam Machines (GregTech) - Official Feed The Beast Wiki


Steam Machines are the lowest tier of all machines in GregTech. These are made during what is referred to as the Bronze Age. Steam Machines come in two versions: the Bronze version and the High Pressure version.

Steam Machines: Valve's PC-like game consoles explained | TechRadar


Update: While Valve has remained mum on its Steam Machine plans, Microsoft seems to be taking influence and applying the Steam Machine principle more viably. Original article continues...

Steam Machines: First impressions, The Specs, Prices, and Release...


We list Valve's first 14 living-room PCs and everything else you need to know about them.

Alienware Steam Machine (2015) review - CNET


The Good The Alienware Steam Machine brings Valve's Steam OS concept to life at an affordable price.

Steam Machine performance reviews - Futuremark


A Steam Machine is a PC for your living room.

What Exactly Is a Steam Machine, and Do I Want One?


Steam Machines, also known as Steamboxes, are Valve’s attempt at bringing PC gaming to the living room.

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