Сочинение на английском языке Астана/ Astana с переводом на ...


Today Astana is not only the capital of Kazakhstan but also one of the most beautiful ... It is full of magnificent attractions, educational institutions, hotels, office ...

Astana - топик на английском


Astana (the former Akmola) was founded in 1830 as a fortification of Russian Empire. In 1862 stanitsa Ak-mola got the status of a town. In the course of time ...

Medeo / Attractions


... гостиницы, гостиницы алматы, гостиницы астаны, гостиницы караганды, ... Photos of AlmatyVirtual toursAttractionsUseful informationChoose a travel ...

Kazakhstan (2) - топик на английском


Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan. The territory of Kazakhstan is huge. It borders on China in the East and the Caspian Sea in the West, Russian in the North ...

The program of ancient Taraz city sightseeing tour / Туры


Taraz city has a history of more than 2000 years, during which it played an important role as a cultural and trade centre of Kazakh Khandyk and the Great Silk ...

Казахстан — Википедия


Координаты: 48°57′00″ с. ш. 66°14′00″ в. д. / 48.95000° с. ш. 66.23333° в . д. ... Столица — Астана. Государственный язык — казахский.

Otyrar / Attractions


The scientific issue on the topic is very broad. The first excavations were carried out in 1904 by Otyrar members of the Turkestan Circle of Amateur Archeology ...

Discover Kazakhstan. Эссе Юлии Ершовой


You will know more about the wildlife of Kazakhstan, about the sights of Almaty, modern and beautiful places of interest of Astana, about our customs and ...



... туры из алматы, достопримечательности, достопримечательности, достопримечательности астаны, алматы достопримечательности, ... Attractions.

My Native Town - Мой родной город


There are many beautiful cities and towns in the world. I would like to visit some of them, to see with my own eyes what I have read or heard about. But there is ...

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