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Reverse Polish notation (RPN) is a mathematical notation in which every operator follows all of its operands, in contrast to Polish notation (PN), which puts the operator before its operands. It is also known as postfix notation.



HP dubbed the result Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) also in honor of Lukasiewicz. Why Did/Does HP Use RPN? In the years that followed...

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What is Reverse Polish Notation? When you are at school you learn that different arithmetic

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RPN. Reverse Polish Notation (aka postfix notation).

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Top Definition: Reverse Polish Notation.

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RPN calculates faster.


RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) is a mathematical notation that allows users to solve problems by mimicking how they learned to do math on paper.

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RPN. Reverse Polish Notation (aka postfix notation).

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8 RPN. (Reverse Polish Notation) обратная польская запись. см. тж. notation, Polish notation, postfix notation.

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Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) provides the quickest way to enter data in a calculator because it eliminates the need for parenthesis.

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