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Ascension chapter.3 by Rinmaru on DeviantArt


Please Click here to play this game! It takes a long time to load so please wait ! Have fun! Ascension chapter.3.

Rinmaru Games-Ascension-chapter1


Artwork: Rinmaru Game: Rinmaru. All of the Ascension chapters, including chapter.3 can be found HERE.



Ascension Chapter 3 Walkthrough.

Ascension chapter.4 ECHOES IN THE DARK | Ascension...


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ImpQueen- Ascension: Chapter 1,2,3


Ascension: Chapter 1-3. The first three chapters follow the story of a half noble girl called Aida. It was my first ever visual novel project and was completely made in Adobe Flash by me.

rinmaru ascension chapter 3 walkthrough


Up next. Ascension | Rinmaru Games. [Chapter 3] #5 Infiltrating the palace. - Duration: 44:05. AzuPazuPuzzeh 1,479 views.

rinmaru ascension chapter 3 walkthrough


Ascension | Rinmaru Games. [Chapter 3] #5 Infiltrating the palace.

Ascension chapter 3


Hey um Rinmaru?I tried playing Ascension chapter 3 and when I got to the desert part it wasn't working, I refreshed the desert scene a few times but it.

Ascension | Rinmaru Games. [Chapter 3] #6 Worst part ever.


Ascension | Rinmaru Games. [Chapter 3] #8 Another reunion, gotta love reunions.

Ascension:Echoes in the dark [GxB][GxG][RPG] | Forum


I hope to add a better demo when I finish the other two jobs chapter 1. Please feel free to tell me your opinions.


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