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Перевод, значение и пример использования идиомы red herring. Выражение, фразеологизм, устойчивое сочетание red herring. Справочник английских ...

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11 дек 2015 ... Отвлекающий маневр (2015) — Red Herring. Всё о фильме: дата выхода, трейлеры, фото, актеры. Отзывы зрителей и ...

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10 ноя 2016 ... How to play Red Herring: 1. Group words into categories. 2. Look out for the Red Herrings, pesky little words whose sole purpose is to mislead ...

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red herring - Бесплатный онлайн словарь. 210000 слов, выражений и переводов, плюс форумы для обсуждения.

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25 июн 2013 ... Идиома: red herring (дословный перевод: красная селёдка %)) Значение: A clue that leads in the wrong direction. Фраза, или информация ...

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red herring: Определение red herring: a fact, idea, or subject that takes people's attention away from the central point being…. Узнать больше.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands – Red Herring announced its Red Herring Europe award winners today, recognizing Europe's leading private companies and ...

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red herring. Материал из Викисловаря. На этой странице показываются непроверенные изменения Текущая версия (не проверялась). Перейти к: ...

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1 янв 2016 ... В этом видео я расскажу как получить секретный значок в steam под названием RED HERRING Ikaruga ...

Red Herring Pie and Real Ale


Почему "антракт"? Потому, что тут сейчас происходит, возможно, "битва века." Приведу два твита Шиндлера для иллюстрации: trsch1 trsch2

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A red herring is something that misleads or distracts from a relevant or important issue. It may be either a logical fallacy or a literary device that leads readers or audiences towards a false conclusion. A red herring might be intentionally used, such as in mystery fiction or as part of rhetorical strategies...

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On-line version of professional magazine. News and reviews focusing on technology, analysis, and research. Investor oriented.

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Red herring is a kind of fallacy that is an irrelevant topic introduced in an argument to divert the attention of listeners or readers from the original issue.

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Also called red-herring prospectus.

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2 [from the practice of drawing a red herring across a trail to confuse hunting dogs] : something that distracts attention from the real issue.

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Word History: A red herring was originally a herring cured by smoking, a process that imparts a reddish color to its flesh.

Red Herring Definition | Investopedia


A red herring prospectus may refer to the first prospectus filed with the SEC as well as a variety of subsequent drafts created prior to obtaining approval for public release.

Red herring dictionary definition | red herring defined


Word History: A red herring was originally a herring cured by smoking, a process that imparts a reddish color to its flesh.

Description and examples of Red Herring fallacy.


Description of Red Herring. A Red Herring is a fallacy in which an irrelevant topic is presented in order to divert attention from the original issue.

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One possible origin of the idiom was that red herring were used to train dogs to track scents. This was true, but the modern meaning of a false trail may have been popularised in a news story by English journalist William Cobbett, c. 1805, in which he claimed that as a boy he used a red herring...


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