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If (strpos($element, $searchingFor) !== false) {. Return true; } }. Return false; }. I used strpos instead of strstr, because it’s recommended by the PHP documentation when you only need to know if a string is withing another. strpos returns less information and thus has a lighter implementation.

PHP: strstr - Manual


So I wrote this function to return an array with the locations of all the occurrences. Almost like an advanced strstr.

PHP: strstr - Manual


Use this if you want everything AFTER $needle. <?php function strstr_after($haystack, $needle, $case_insensitive = false) { $strpos = ($case_insensitive) ? 'stripos' : 'strpos'; $pos

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Use strstr_array for case-sensitive searche.

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But how do I make it so its *like* BOT, incase its really BOTS or STUPIDBOTS ? Iv been playing around with strstr but it dont seem to work in this array style (unless Im doing it wrong). Any help would be appreciated.

php strstr in array


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Carriage Returns In Strstr And Str_replace. Case Sensitive Issue With Strstr.

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PHP Array Functions.

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Quick way to use this with an array for a needle: <?php $arr = array('search_term1','search_term2'

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