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PHP: bin2hex - Manual


Because the way back (hex2bin) doesn't exist on php, i've written another little function without using commands like pack

php bin2hex reverse


php bin2hex reverse.

Why use bin2hex when inserting binary data from PHP into MySQL?


That was for the PHP part, now for MySQL: The server needs to do the reverse operation to store the data correctly.

PHP bin2hex Function with Example Syntax | Demo


PHP bin2hex Function is useful function for converting stings into hexadecimal.

php bin2hex reverse


Does anyone know how PHP's bin2hex command works? I found a code to reverse it (hex2bin shown below), now I'm just hoping there is a similar code for bin2hex.

PHP bin2hex() Function


The bin2hex() function converts a string of ASCII characters to hexadecimal values.

PHP bin2hex(), bin2hex... - PHP100


PHP bin2hex note #2. Regarding the fabled hex2bin, the easiest way I've found to "replace" it is the following call to function pack()

Javascript для PHP функции: bin2hex


Я бы предложил такой вариант замены PHP функции bin2hex, а так же аналогичных в других языках: hex2bin(), hex2dec(), dec2hex, oct2dec() и так далее и тому подобное

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