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php - Array to string conversion error when using implode


This is a specific error encountered by folks sometimes when dealing with PHP - it's not broad at all. The error is literally "array to string conversion" on the specific line of code with "implode". I disagree with the closing of the question on this basis.

php - Array to string conversion error - Stack Overflow


$dataScope[] = $data; But. $data[] = $scope; Therefore $dataScope has an array inside it's array. implode only work on one level, so that why you're getting this error. You should note that this is actually possible in SQL: SELECT * FROM some_table WHERE id IN...

php - How to convert array to a string using... - Stack Overflow


Array to String Conversion Error while tweaking Simplepie. 0. Implode array in php mysql_fetch_array.

A cup full of Bugs ;): implode() notice: php array to string conversion


Wednesday, March 30, 2011. implode() notice: php array to string conversion.

PHP Array to String | How to convert an array... | Tutorials Collection


You can convert an array to string by using implode() function of PHP.

Array to string cOnversion error | PocketMine Forums


Array to string cOnversion error. Comments in 'Plugin Development' started by FlamingGenius, Sep 27, 2015.

PHP implode() Function


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Php implode array string conversion


Array to string conversion error when using implode. array to string conversion error. PHP: Remove empty values from array. string implode

ownCloud 8.1: php-error Array to string conversion #17468


implode(print(OC_Util::sanitizeHTML($string))); Everything still seems to work and the bug is gone. I'll put in a pull request...

Php Array To String Conversion Implode


Php Array To String Conversion Error Implode. Php Convert Array To String Implode.


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