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How do I make a New folder in My Pictures.

cannot create a new folder in my pictures - Windows Central Forums


I am not able to create a new folder in my pictures. The computer freezes and states pictures not responding.

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I recently installed a new SSD to run my OS and formatted my HDD to use as storage. While I was trying

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I accidentally deleted the entire My Pictures folder from my library. How do I get it back?

Where did my Pictures Go? – Learn Picasa and Google Photos!


Then, you can create a folder within ‘My Pictures’ by typing something into box #2. This means to import pictures into a *new* folder called South Carolina within My Pictures area.

MY Pictures folder lost | Tech Support Guy


Got in a mess and moved all pictures back to old locaton but now discovered that I inadvertently deleted MY Pictures from the Pictures folder. how can i get it back? i have tried restore. i have tried creating a new folder but it always goes into public folder.

My Pictures folder - Windows XP Community - XPHeads | Forum


In "My Documents" create a new folder called "My Pictures". Open Notepad and copy and paste the following: [DeleteOnCopy] Owner=YOUR NAME Personalized=39 PersonalizedName=My Pictures [.ShellClassInfo] InfoTip...

new My Pictures folder | Forum - Tech Support Forum


How can I create an additional My Pictures folder, with all the unique display characteristics, in another folder? I need to keep it in a separate directory from My Documents while still keeping the original My Pictures folder in its original place.

default My Pictures folder and add the new folder there – just be sure...


Select the Screen Saver tab and then drill down to Screen saver – My Pictures Slideshow – Settings. 3. Configure the settings according to the options given – be sure and browse to the folder you created in the “Use pictures in this folder” box and your first self made screen saver is ready to...

Index of /My Pictures/New Folder


Index of /My Pictures/New Folder. Name. Last modified.


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