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MathTime Professional 2 (MTPro2) "Complete" version provides a complete math typesetting environment. The MathTime Professional 2 (MTPro2)...

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MTPro2 contains all fonts from the original MTPro, plus Supplements A & B. MTPro2 also contains several new fonts, and adds numerous symbols to some of the older fonts.

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Next you should download the MTPro2 installer file (version 1.1, April 2016). The easiest thing is to save both the font files and the installer into your Home directory.

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Then either add to your document \pdfmapfile{=mtpro2.map} or add the map permanantly to your system by following the description in the documentation of miktex http...

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You could load the mtpro2 (Mathtime Pro 2) to generate superwide tildes. An MWE (minimum working example) that shows how to do this is given below.

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I am using the MTPro2 fonts with amsbook class. However something strange happens when I activate the mtpfrak option for the alternate fraktur fonts. LaTeX simply ignores it!



file{omslbm.fd} {\from{mtpro2.dtx}{omslbm}} % \file{Umtms.fd} {\from{mtpro2.dtx}{Umtms}} % should already exist, if you have got the MathTime fonts \.

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