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KIO (KDE Input/Output) is a system library incorporated into KDE Frameworks 5 and KDE Software Compilation 4. It provides access to files, web sites and other resources through a single consistent API.

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Kio Asuno (キオ・アスノ Kio Asuno?) is the third main protagonist in "Kio Arc" of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE. He is the grandson of first protagonist, Flit Asuno and son of second protagonist, Asemu Asuno, he pilots the AGE-3 Gundam AGE-3 Normal and its variants before later upgrades to the Gundam...

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Kio is a skilled well known model creator in the MMD community, he also creates PVs and has models distributed by Windows 100% magazine as bonus content. This creator's main area is the 3DCG software Rokkaku Daiou (六角大王)...

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Kio ‏@kio Apr 24. Hand of Miles Davis by Irving Pennpic.twitter.com/UjTDUFllmn.

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And for those 60 years the KIO has been just as constant a friend - and just as valued a part of the City of London as a global centre for trade and finance and as much valued investors in property in...

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Kio — Kio, Stadt, so v.w. Miako … Pierer's Universal-Lexikon. KIO — KDE Input/Output (KIO) stellt ein asynchrones virtuelles Dateisystem dar.

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What does Kio mean? 24 meanings of Kio acronym or abbreviation.

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Music producer: www.kio-music.com A unique sound mix of Modern, Heavy & Melodic Electronic Dance Music.




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ki- ‎(“interrogative and relative correlative prefix”) + -o ‎(“correlative suffix of objects”). kio ‎(plural kioj, accusative singular kion, accusative plural kiojn). what (the interrogative and relative correlative of objects). which.


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