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jQuery Grid Plugin - jqGridForum


jQuery("#navgrid2").jqGrid('setSelection',4); The last row (row #4) was selected, but I'm not scrolled to row #4.

jqgrid scroll is not working when grouping is enable - Stack Overflow


True scrolling data in JQGrid not working with MVC 3. 0. Add new row and sort in jqgrid.

jqgrid scroll rows not working


JQGrid Virtual Scroll with Lazy Loading. jqGrid's Subgrid does not display data - MVC4. jqGrid Column Value Empties When Editing Row. jqgrid save previous row onSelectRow not working.

Context Menu In Jqgrid On Row Click In Jqgrid?


If anyone of the column in JqGrid have IPAddress value, then sorting functionality in the jqGrid is not working properly.

10 JQGrid Tips learned from my experience | SANDBOX...


For the past few days I have been working with JQGrid, one of the most powerful JQuery plug-in.

JqGrid Reload Not Working?


I'm having an issue with Jqgrid, I've got two grids on a single page and onclick on a row of the first grid needs to reload the second grid. I'm 100% sure the second grid is configured correctly is if I manually pass a hard coded id it populates correctly. Just the reload function is not working.

True scrolling data in JQGrid not working with MVC 3 - CodeProject


So when I scroll, it doesn't fetch the other pages. I have checked this link and still not working.

jqgrid save previous row onSelectRow not working


setGridHeight auto on jqgrid. jqgrid: set column header tooltips differing from the column label. How to scroll Jqgrid to extreme right by default. jqgrid save previous row onSelectRow not working.

Js Tutorial - jqGrid – jQuery Grid Plugin


Working with local data. jqGrid can work with local data defined as an array.

jqGrid subGrid stops opening after scroll


This causes the scrolling issue due to the click binding issue mentioned by Robert Simmons. Another way to fix this issue without having to change the jqgrid code is to set the rowNum to -1. This will just get all rows, which should be fine because you are using local data. This fix may not work in...

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