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James William "Jimmy "Johnson is a contestant from Survivor: Nicaragua. A retired NFL Coach, Johnson (known affectionately by his tribemates as Coach) was the most recognizable castaway on his season. However, his leadership over the tribe was seen as a threat, leading to his early elimination.

Jimmy Johnson: Survivor: Nicaragua Is Harder Than... : People.com


Survivor: Nicaragua's team geezer took a hard hit when they voted out their tribe's heart, famed University of Miami and Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson.

It's been 5 years since Jimmy Johnson sucked on 'Survivor'


Jimmy Johnson was an employee of FOX when he appeared on Survivor. This is probably how the conversation went down to put him on Survivor

'Survivor' Interview: Jimmy Johnson on his Great 'Survivor' Adventure


When the news first broke that former NFL coach, current ExtenZe spokesman, and all around good guy Jimmy Johnson was going to be a castaway on Survivor: Nicaragua, feelings were mixed.

Jimmy Johnson ('Survivor: Nicaragua') | Digital Spy


Carrying over his real-life role as coach, Jimmy Johnson immediately took on the task of motivating his fellow Espada tribe members when things got tough on Survivor: Nicaragua.

Jimmy Johnson, 'Survivor' Contestant!


Former NFL coach Jimmy Johnson is to take part in this upcoming season of the reality show, Survivor", according to ESPN.

Jimmy Johnson: "Survivor" Helped Me Survive - CBS News


Jimmy Johnson credits "Survivor" with a potentially life-saving intervention.

'Survivor: Nicaragua': Jimmy Johnson calls tribemate... | EW.com


Jimmy Johnson will not be adding the title of ‘Sole Survivor’ to his formidable list of accomplishments anytime soon. The two-time Super Bowl winning coach was voted out of Survivor...

Survivor contestant Jimmy Johnson


Jimmy Johnson - Challenge record. Survivor: Nicaragua - Click links to watch the challenges on YouTube.

Jimmy Johnson Talks Survivor: Nicaragua


Jimmy Johnson, on the other hand, is a bona fide celebrity.

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