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HTC Desire S S-OFF hboot 2.00.002 | my repository


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как получить s-off и root на htc incredible s android v4.0.4 HBOOT...


Сделать откат hboot инструкция тут. Затем сделать S-off по этой инструкции.

[HOWTO] Downgrade Hboot 2.02.0002 S-ON to ge… | HTC Incredible S


Is there any downgrade or s-off for HTC HBOOT 2.02.002? Its RUU ICS 3.5 .I upgraded from BLACKROSE and now want to downgrade or S-OFF.

htc hboot 2 00 002 s off


Вот мой FAQ для тех у кого HTC Wildfire c HBOOT 1.01.0002 и кто не смог получить S-OFF посредством AlphaRev (при работе получали ...

Install MIUI for HTC Desire S HBoot 2.00.002 | Believe in Miracles


It failed, and nothing appeared after the HTC logo. During the MIUI installation, there is a step updating boot image, i suspected that that’s the problem because MIUI official guide requires S-Off and Hboot 2.00.002 cannot be S-Offed by Revolutionary.

S-OFF hboot 2.00.002 ?


Now i have Htc desire s with android 4.04 and S-Off after updating manually through my PC. What additional steps do I need to take to root the device pleas...

How to get S-Off on HTC One - All hboot versions


I managed to get S-OFF with hboot 1.55 using rumrunner. My HTC One M7 is running ViperOne 7.0.1. I didn’t have any problems..

HTC Incredible S 4.0.4 HBOOT 2.02.002 | Страница 2 | CHЁZA...


Выходит с HBOOT 2.02.002 и правда все плохо, остается только откат на указанный в инструкции 2.00.000.

HTC Desire S HBOOT 2.00.002 ROOT?! | Android Forums


How the title says, I ask for opinions on how to root the htc desire s that has 2.00.002 hboot S-ON. I can't figure it out, as much tutorials on the internet requires v 0.98.000 S-OFF. Please help me, I want to fully profit from my phone's abilities!

htc hboot 2 00 002 s off


13 Comments on “HTC Desire S S-OFF hboot 2.00.002”.

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