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His sister, Sally, has another. Their parents ... They have one house or apartment in the city or suburbs. .... So we all need to work together to safeguard our environment. .... Charles had many brothers and sisters, but he did not often play with them. .... It has become my habit to read English books in adapted form every day.



Make a list of all the foreign languages you know. ... We have English classes two times a week and I am doing well. ... During our English lesson we don't speak Russian, we try to speak .... My sister drives a car. ... He ___ (live) near the bank. ...... house, a dacha near Moscow, and we leave on Friday and come back on.

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4 авг 2014 ... My name is Vlad Volkov and I am a college student. ... Her husband and she rent a flat not far from our place. ... My friends say that we will be having a test in English today. ... During the breaks we go to the gym and play a round or two of ... Soon my father and brother arrive and we have dinner together.

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People used to get water mostly from streams, lakes and rivers. ... My mother knows Mrs. Dave better than I .. ... We shall go there tonight. a) will; b) do; c) does; d) shall; e) have. ... What time ... your sister come back home? ... I want to live there. .... Many houses (to build) in our town for a long time. b) Past Indefinite Passive ...

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27 дек 2010 ... brother, sister, son, daughter брат, сестра, сын, дочь ... I am their father, my wife is their mother. We ... John is kneeling on the floor, playing with his train. II. ... As for my family, we're on the waiting list for a new flat; our house is due for ... Mrs Collins: Yes, we've got two, Jane and Thomas, aged two and five.

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7 апр 2011 ... I carry — he carries Ср .: I play — she plays ... Вопросительная форма глаголов to be и to have образуется ... 5) We … English books at home. 6) … you at the college? 7) Where .... with my mother (to be) our neighbor who (to live) across the street. 2. .... Past Simple Did your sister come to you yesterday?



High Fall. Low Rise. Medium Rise. High Rise. Fall-Rise. Rise-Fall. Rise-Fall-Rise . Mid Level. 2. ... You'd get to know quite a lot of interesting people there. 2.4. ... What's your name? ... My parents and my younger brother | live in the Crimea. || ... There are five members in my family: | mother, | father, | my two sisters | and I. ||.

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By the time we get to the stadium, the match (start). 3. ... According to all the measurements, climate change (1) happens / is .... I (1) (receive) your letter about two weeks ago and (try) to find time to write you back .... (5) (sell) this house, and we (6) (live) on a farm. .... e.g. My sister is a bookworm and is always reading a book.

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I can see ... pencil on your ... table, but I can see no ... paper. 8. .... English lesson yesterday. ... teacher asked me many ... questions. ... We live in... big house. ... My sister has many ... books. ... books are in ... big bookcase. .... My father and mother also get up early in ... morning. ..... He is ready to play ... chess all ... day long.

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I saw your ad in a Los Angeles paper and decided to write to you. May I introduce myself? My name is Bill; I am an engineer, 190 cm tall, 89 kg and 49 yo. I live ...

Family Life in England


I am English because I was born in England, but I am also British because England is part of Great Britain and is in the UK.

Family Life in England


I am English because I was born in England, but I am also British because England is part of Great Britain and is in the UK.

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I am stuck in between because I really like him and have stopped looking other people but at the same time I am so hurt with his annoying behaviour.

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English girl 5 years ago. Hi Rose West, your thing caught my eye when I googled 'I Love England' because I do, I am English and love it here.

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Now I go back to look at our conversation on the messaging- I wanted to google his name, but I can’t remember the exact city where he told me he was born.

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Hi Lyndsay…very sorry for the loss of your mom. When I saw your post I thought I’d share my email address with you because our stories are somewhat similar.

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Also, my old house had a WC with a tap that went from hot to cold (because I had it built that way in the verbouwing).

The Prodigal Son: Bible Story Summary, Analysis and Themes


Jack Wellman is a father and grandfather and a Christian author, freelance writer, and pastor at the Mulvane (KS) Brethren church in Mulvane, Kansas.

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We married after our first son was born and we moved to the US.

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hi my name is Jena, i am planing to apply for my F1 student visa iam worried because i applied befor for B1 visa

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