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Flip, FLIP, or flips may refer to: Flip Records (1950s), a rhythm and blues and doo-wop label based in Los Angeles. Flip Records (1994), a record label in California. Flips, a short name of The Flaming Lips, an American rock band formed in 1983. Lil' Flip (born 1981), American rapper.

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3 : to buy and usually renovate (real estate) so as to quickly resell at a higher price <He's flipped three houses for a substantial profit.>

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b. To toss in the air, imparting a spin: flip a coin.

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Alteration of earlier fillip, from Middle English filippen ‎(“to make a signal or sound with thumb and right forefinger, snap the fingers”), an attenuated variation of Middle English flappen ‎(“to flap, clap, slap, strike”). Cognate with Dutch flappen ‎(“to flap”), German flappen ‎(“to flap”). flip ‎(plural flips).

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Flip had no chance to reply, because the chief rocket officer took up his station at the valve and began to call the roll. None of your hot flip, or cold flip, or any other kind of flip for me.

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An example of a flip is changing from being a staunch atheist to a devout Catholic in an instant.

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リバース(モンスター)Formerly: リバース効(こう)果(か)モンスター. Japanese (ruby). リバース(モンスター)Formerly: リバースこうかモンスター. Japanese (romanized). Ribāsu (Monsutā)Formerly: Ribāsu Kōka Monsutā. Japanese (translated).

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Flip definition, to toss or put in motion with a sudden impulse, as with a snap of a finger and thumb, especially so as to cause to turn over in the air: to flip a coin. See more.

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Flip cards are two cards in one. When something is triggered, the card is flipped and becomes the "other" part of the card. Flip cards were featured in the Kamigawa block and are easily recognizable by their unique card frame. .

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