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CommandCenter Secure Gateway | To upload your license in lmadmin


1. In the FlexNet lmadmin interface, click Administration in the top right corner. 2. Log in using the default username and password: admin/admin. 3. Follow the prompts to change the default password.

Accessing Flexnet lmadmin


The default user name is "admin" and the default password is "admin. The Flexnet lmadmin has two main parts: Dashboard and Administration. Use the Dashboard to view the status and information of the licenses that are activated on the license server.

FlexNet Publisher 2015 (11.13.1)


Whether running the FlexNet Publisher lmadmin installer or the software publisher’s version of the lmadmin installer, accept the default settings whenever possible.

FlexSim LAN License Server | 7. Configure FlexNet Publisher (lmadmin)


7. Configure FlexNet Publisher (lmadmin). 8. Activate client PCs. Troubleshooting client-server licensing problems.

Flexera Software


The default port number is 8080. • If you are using a different machine (one that is not your FlexNet Licensing Server), visit the following site

default password


vendors, passwords For Vancouver IT Support Services contact Netdigix.

Installing and Running FLEXnet License Server


Java Runtime Environment (JRE 1.5 or higher) (required for the default lmadmin installer, which is. FlexNet Publisher If you do not have a username and password, please contact your Flexera Software Account Representative.

FLOATING | Installing FlexNet license server on Mac OS


15. Install launcher script into the system by executing # update-rc.d lmadmin defaults. 16. Start FLEXnet license server by executing # service lmadmin start.

Setting up an lmadmin license server


The license server computer will run a FlexNet Publisher License Server Manager (lmadmin.exe) provided by Flexera® and a vendor daemon (geoslope.exe) provided by GEO-SLOPE.

License Administration | Migrating from lmgrd to lmadmin


lmadmin default behavior The default setting for -allowStopServer has been changed.

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