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From Latin encyclopaedia, from Ancient Greek ἐγκύκλιος παιδεία ‎(enkúklios paideía, “the circle of arts and sciences, curriculum”), from ἐγκύκλιος ‎(enkúklios, “circular, rounded, round”), from κύκλος ‎(kúklos, “circle”) + παιδεία ‎(paideía, “the rearing of a child, education”), from παιδεύω ‎(paideúō, “rear a child”...

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An encyclopedia or encyclopaedia (also spelled encyclopædia, see spelling differences) is a type of reference work or compendium holding a comprehensive summary of information from either all branches of knowledge or a particular branch of knowledge.

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Use of the term Encyclopedia. Though the notion of a compendium of knowledge dates back thousands of years...

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1530s, "course of instruction," from Modern Latin encyclopaedia (c.1500), thought to be a false reading by Latin authors of Greek enkyklios paideia taken as "general education...

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An encyclopedia (or encyclopædia, cyclopædia, encyclopaedia) is a collection (usually a book) of information. Some are called "encyclopedic dictionaries". All encyclopedias were printed, until the late 20th century when some were on CD-ROM. 21st century encyclopedias are mostly online by Internet.


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