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msgid "[No file]" msgstr "[Нет файла]" #. must be a help buffer msgid "help" msgstr ...... c-format msgid "E625: cannot open cscope database: %s" msgstr " E625: ... "line number out of range" msgstr "запредельный номер строки" #, c- format ...

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1 май 2010 ... for win32, xcache.mmap_path=anonymous map name, not file path ..... через раз выбрасывали 500ую и ругались на Cannot found function null (или что-то в этом роде). ..... open("/usr/lib/", O_RDONLY) = 3 ..... CSCOPE_DB=/usr/src/php5-5.2.6.dfsg.1/cscope.out; export CSCOPE_DB.

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Its source code is not open, which might cause some problems to the point of inability ... And if some of these features are found in the kernel header files, the denial can be ... (It should be noted that verification tools often just cannot parse some .... Some of these tools, such as doxygen [15] and cscope [14], are also able to ...

cscope: Cscope error: cscope: cannot read list size from file...

Description: I created the cscope database "cscope.out" using the command "cscope -b -R". The file ~/.vim/plugin/cscope_maps.vim contains the command "cs add cscope.out" to add the cscope database. When I try to open one of the source files, I get the error mentioned above.

cscope / Bugs / #247 cscope: cannot find file

cscope: cannot find file /vobs/Service_Node/GSN2/incl/ae_cdr_2.h. strace outputs

cscope cannot open file cscope out

cscope: Cscope error: cscope: cannot read list size from file...

xcscope(1): xemacs cscope lisp support package - Linux man page

If only "cscope.files" exists, the corresponding "cscope.out" will be automatically created by cscope when a search is done. By default, the cscope database file is called "cscope.out", but this can be changed (on a global basis) via the variable, 'cscope-database-file'.

how to update cscope.out automatically ? – Группы Google | Forum

After I have modified source files, I need to update cscope.out file by run "cscope -b -R" on shell then do ":cs reset" in vim.

Cscope Tutorial

The output of this command will be a set of files in your current directory:, cscope.out, and cscope.po.out.

Vim - General - cscope for directory names with spaces

Looks like cscope outputs in vim: E609: Cscope error: cscope: cannot read trailer offset from file cscope.out. This issue is making me so nervous, it is so stupid to be unable to search source code for this name-with-spaces reason.

scope confusion - C++ Forum

I have a class that mimics a 2d array, when I open the file on line 47 I create the object which is in essence a object that holds a

vimrc/cscope.vim at master · cherrot/vimrc · GitHub

" 'f' file: open the filename under cursor.

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