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In Greek mythology, Adrasteia was a nymph who was charged by Rhea with nurturing the infant Zeus, in secret in the Dictaean cave, to protect him from his father Cronus. She is known to have been worshipped in hellenised Phrygia (north-western Turkey)...



["Bibliotheke", 1.1.6.] Adrasteia and her sister Ida, the nymph of Mount Ida, who also cared for the infant Zeus, were perhaps the daughters of Melisseus.

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Yakamoz Lvl99 Adrasteia (Zihinsel in Gücü). Published: 2012/11/14. Channel: Most3viLL. Harri Agnel - Adrasteia (Original Mix). Published: 2016/05/12.



Adrasteia. В написании электронной музыки я новичок, программа, в которой я стараюсь воплотить свои музыкальные фантазии, Ableton.

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ADRASTEIA (Adrasteia). A Cretan nymph, daughter of Melisseus, to whom Rhea entrusted the infant Zeus to be reared in the Dictaean grotto.

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Adrasteia. NAME: She is called by many names-. Rhamnousia, which means “the goddess of righteous anger.”

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Given Name ADRASTEIA. GENDER: Feminine. USAGE: Greek Mythology.

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Adrasteia Retweeted. Historical Images ‏@Historicalmages 15 Nov 2015.

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