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wpf - Create contextmenus for datagrid rows - Stack Overflow


row-specific context menu for WPF DataGrid vs existing RowStyle.

c# - Getting WPF Data Grid Context Menu Click Row - Stack Overflow


I do not have much knowledge on WPF and need to read up on it once I get the time. – O.O. May 30 '13 at 15:28. add a comment |.

c# - Add context menu in datagrid, how to get... - Stack Overflow


I am new in WPF programming with MVVM pattern. Now I have added the context menu in the datagrid. But, when I click the right mouse button, I don't know how to get the select row value. this is my xmal.

c# - WPF Datagrid Row Context Menu - Disable... - Stack Overflow


WPF Datagrid MVVM : Add new row through context menu/ Not able to retrieve the new row context in the command parameter. 1. Disable selection of cell and keep the show the context menu action in a datagrid with the right click in WPF.

How to add context menu to wpf datagrid? - Stack Overflow


add and retrive data from datagrid, WPF. 0. cannot append a row to datagrid WPF. 0.

WPF 4: Using DataGrid Context-Menu for Performing Insertion...


The WPF DataGrid Context Menu helps us to develop similar kind of UI applications.

Edit Row Details In Context Menu In DataGrid In WPF


In my previous article on “Hide/Un-Hide Columns Using Context menu In DataGrid In WPF”, we saw how we can display ContextMenu on Column Headers. In this article we will try something else; we will edit the Selected Row Details in ContextMenu.

contextmenu datagrid wpf [duplicate]


How to add context menu to wpf datagrid?

DataGrid for WPF | Adding a Custom Row to the Data Grid


ComponentOne DataGrid for WPF allows adding one or more rows on top or bottom of data. This functionality is used in the new row, total row, summary row, and filter row scenarios.

Dynamically change Grid Cell's color using Context Menu - WPF...


This post will show you how to change the background color of a DataGrid cell after clicking on a Context Menu item. 1. Create a new WPF application.

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