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c# - Getting WPF Data Grid Context Menu Click Row - Stack Overflow


So based on your example code, I presume you bind your DataGrid to an ObservableCollection of objects of which you bind the properties Site and Subject to the DataGridColumns.

c# - WPF Datagrid Row Context Menu - Disable... - Stack Overflow


WPF Datagrid MVVM : Add new row through context menu/ Not able to retrieve the new row context in the command parameter. 1. Disable selection of cell and keep the show the context menu action in a datagrid with the right click in WPF.

How to add context menu to wpf datagrid? - Stack Overflow


add and retrive data from datagrid, WPF. 0. cannot append a row to datagrid WPF. 0.

WPF 4: Using DataGrid Context-Menu for Performing Insertion...


The WPF DataGrid Context Menu helps us to develop similar kind of UI applications.

Wpf Datagrid Row Context Menu


Wpf Datagrid Context Menu Get Selected Row. Add Context Menu Wpf Datagrid Row.

Edit Row Details in Context Menu in DataGrid in WPF


In my previous article on "Hide/Un-Hide Columns Using Context menu In DataGrid In WPF", we saw how we can display ContextMenu on Column Headers. In this article we will try something else; we will edit the Selected Row Details in ContextMenu.

WPF Gridview ContextMenu


I am able to add a row but its empty!!Please help.it worked in windows forms but its not working with WPF. pr. WPF - Open ContextMenu on left mouse hold down.

WPF DataGrid Practical Examples - CodeProject | Row Details


The WPF DataGrid is part of the WPF Toolkit. The steps to add the DataGrid control to your project

DataGrid with row details - The complete WPF tutorial


Being able to show details for a DataGrid row is extremely useful, and with the WPF DataGrid it's both easy and highly customizable, as you can see from the examples provided in this tutorial.


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